Running & Sports Injuries

Dr. Kelly Understands the Frustration of an Injury

An avid athlete herself, Dr. Pardis Kelly understands what you’re going through, and is aware of the urgency you feel to recover fast and get back to your activities. Whether you or your family member are a participant in an adult rec league, a high school athlete, avid runner, cross fitter, martial artist or just joined a “boot camp” to get fit and lose weight, there are risks for a sports injury – it comes with the territory! And it can come with any activity! At San Carlos Podiatry, we will provide you with the best treatment options as well as preventative measures you can stay on track, get back in the game, and avoid the sidelines in the first place! Here’s just a handful of the sports injuries we treat (and help you prevent):

Common Sports Injuries

Treating Running and Athletic Injuries

It will be hard for you, but the number one recommendation for the majority of sports injuries is: Rest! Dr. Kelly has found that in most cases, conservative measures are typically enough to get you back on your feet faster than you might think. Take the time off you need, ice the area, wrap it with an elastic bandage and elevate it whenever you can. We can also provide you with stretches and possibly orthotics which may also bring you relief. Depending on your lifestyle and the severity of your injury, we have found that using a soft cast to immobilize your foot for about a week, often helps patients bounce back quicker. Many of the athletes she has helped have found that is strategy also helped some of those other nagging injuries heal as well.

Of course, the correct diagnosis and early intervention is key to getting the help you need to recover promptly and properly, so whenever you are injured, be sure to contact us A.S.A.P. Dial (650) 595-4148 to reach our San Carlos, CA office and our friendly staff will be happy to get you scheduled and start you on the road to recovery!

We have an x-ray in our office to make diagnostics and treatment easier and more convenient.

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