You Do Not Have to Live With Heel Pain

Heel Pain, Left Untreated, Can Lead to More Serious Issues

Heel pain itself can be a  pretty big deal, but left untreated your heel pain can cause you to compensate. This compensation can create more problems for you in your knees, hips, lower back. Believe it or not, it can even cause shoulder and neck pain. Heel pain can hurt a lot, and feel like something is going to rip.  Dr. Kelly understands and she and her staff are here to help.

First, the Source of Your Pain Must be Discovered

One of the most common complaints we hear at our office is heel pain and it’s important to first determine the source of the problem before treatment can be considered. The pain can come from flat feet, the first few steps in the morning, or can come when walking. What activities you are participating in as well as your basic anatomy and movement must be considered before Podiatrist Dr. Pardis Kelly can determine your course of treatment.

You may need an xray taken and we have one in the office for your convenience.

A Few Common Causes of Heel Pain

Dr. Kelly has Heel Pain Relief for You

Whether the cause of your heel pain is one of the above, or something else. You can take heart that most conditions can be treated conservatively, and by taking a little rest and time off now, you can avoid longer recovery times later. Simple stretches, a change of shoes or orthotics may be in order to treat your heel pain.

Send us a message or call now, and let Dr. Kelly get you or your loved one back to work, school and sports activities, or back to exercising to meet your weight loss goals as soon as possible.

"The staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Kelly is one of my favorite doctors. I will let my family and friends know."

- D. Tabon

"The best pedicure safe, clean and felt great!! I’m confident I’ll always be in good hands."

- Judy C.

"...Thanks to your excellent professional services I can walk normal again!"

- J.B.






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