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Foot Pain can be Miserable

Foot pain can certainly have a negative impact on your quality of life. Whether it is pain on the top of the foot, bottom of the foot, or in the joints possibly caused by gout to name just a few. It can get in the way of doing the things you love, interfere with your fitness, weight, and overall health, and basically make it difficult to work as well as play! If you are struggling with foot pain, it’s important not to ignore it and instead, get the help you need to stop problems before they get worse. Foot Doctor Pardis Kelly has been treating patients with foot pain since 1999.

Do Not Ignore Your Foot Pain

Many people think they can ignore pain and eventually it will go away. They try to “walk it off” or “power through it.” Avid athletes and fitness newcomers alike tend to believe the old saying, “No pain, no gain.” The problem with this mindset is that pain is not normal, but rather your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Foot pain that goes without treatment can often cause further problems and even result in serious conditions that require long periods of recovery or surgery.

Treating the Source is Essential

You could be experiencing pain for any number of reasons — a hidden stress fracture, an aggravated tendon, or a chronic disorder — so it’s vital that you get your feet assessed at the first signs of trouble to determine the source of your pain, stop the situation from worsening, and get the treatment you need. Common symptoms like swelling, discoloration, difficulty bearing weight, pain that interferes with your daily life and activities, are all signs that you should seek help. If you let pain continue, you are taking the risk of further damage and prolonged problems.

Dr. Kelly Prefers Conservative Treatment (Non-Surgical) of Foot Pain

If you’re putting off dealing with your foot pain because you are concerned with what needs to be done to fix it, rest assured that in most cases conservative treatment options are all that are needed to provide relief. Rest, Ice, compression, and elevation can do wonders! Anti-inflammatory medications, immobilizing boots, and stretching exercises are also beneficial. Even a simple change in footwear or a pair of custom orthotics can solve your problem and get you back to the life you love.

A List of Common Conditions

Some common foot pain conditions Dr. Pardis Kelly sees and treats:

Dr. Kelly Will Stop Your Feet From Hurting and Get Them Healing!

If you are living with foot pain – stop right now! Make an appointment with us at our San Carlos, CA office so we can determine why your foot hurts and get you on an appropriate treatment plan A.S.A.P. If you need xrays, we can do that right at our office, too. Dial (650) 595-4148 today, so you can make sure the rest of your days are fancy (and pain)– free! Don’t let foot pain keep you from your favorite activities, your family, or a fun-filled, active life. Dr. Pardis Kelly can help!

"The staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Kelly is one of my favorite doctors. I will let my family and friends know."

- D. Tabon

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- Judy C.

"...Thanks to your excellent professional services I can walk normal again!"

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