The Special Needs of Diabetic Feet

Simple Problems in Most Feet, Can Become Urgent in Diabetics

The nick you got from a pedicure turns into an infection.  You end up losing the nine-month battle with the infection, and your toe needs to be surgically removed. You get a fungal infection on your toes, after years of the fungal infection opportunistic bacterial infection takes hold.  It starts with the surgical removal of your toes, then your foot.  After which you die from a complication caused by the removal of your foot. Does it seem dramatic?  Both are true stories.

50% of diabetics with an amputation are dead within 3 years. One of the foremost diabetic complications is nervous system damage, or neuropathy, which causes the loss of feeling and/or pain in the feet. As a result, a diabetic person might not feel cuts, scratches, blisters and breaks in the skin. These wounds can lead to a diabetic infection, if left untreated, can have serious consequences.

Preventing Dire Consequences is Simple

So how does a diabetic prevent these? Monitoring your sugar levels, seeing Dr. Kelly for a regular diabetic foot check.  Inspect your feet on a regular basis and schedule an appointment immediately with Dr. Kelly if you see anything of concern.

In order to prevent foot problems, it is important to check feet daily for any cuts, cracks in the skin, open sores, changes in the color of the skin, changes in temperature, pain in legs, ingrown or fungus-infected toenails, corns or calluses.

If you are experiencing inflamed areas, broken skin, infected skin, ingrown toenails, red steaks, pale or blue skin, changes in feeling, swelling or tenderness, please contact us immediately for a comprehensive diabetic foot exam.


Dr. Kelly is Committed to the Care of her Diabetic Patients

Diabetes afflicts about 16 million Americans, according to the American Diabetes Association.  You’re not alone and Dr. Kelly is here to be an integral part of your medical team.

At San Carlos Podiatry we run a nail care clinic and provide medical pedicures and manicures. The services are open to anyone but is especially well suited to diabetics, as the medical assistants and nail technicians receive special training by Dr. Kelly to recognize potential problems and are alert to your individual needs

"The staff is professional and friendly. Dr. Kelly is one of my favorite doctors. I will let my family and friends know."

- D. Tabon

"The best pedicure safe, clean and felt great!! I’m confident I’ll always be in good hands."

- Judy C.

"...Thanks to your excellent professional services I can walk normal again!"

- J.B.






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