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Medical Pedicures and Manicures by Peace of Mind Pedicure (POMP)

Peace of Mind Pedicure and more (POMP) offers an alternative to a traditional nail salon. All tools which can not be sterilized are used once and thrown away. Tools which can be reused are sterlized like surgical implements. At Peace of Mind Pedicure and more you will enjoy the relaxation of a salon pedicure  and manicure, have pretty feet, toes and hands and walk out of the office with the peace of mind that you will not experience any of the problems possible at a traditional nail salon. All of the tools used to perform the manicures and pedicures are treated like any other medical instruments. The multi-step surgical sterilization process will ensure the safety of the implements used at Peace of Mind Pedicure and more.

At Peace of Mind Pedicure and more, you will be assured that every treatment is provided with your care and safety in mind. Do you have questions about our pedicures, manicures, or nail services in particular? Please read the Peace of Mind F.A.Q here, and take a look at the POMP brochure here with the full list of services, descriptions and prices.


A few years ago I opened a new nail salon at an unlikely location: in my San Carlos Podiatry office. I initially offered only Pedicures, but as I saw more need and demand, I added manicures, Pedi Peels, Nail enhancements, and Nail Restoration to the service list.

The reason for this atypical podiatry service was that during my years of practice, I have seen an average of 3 to 4 women per week, and occasionally some men, for problems such as fungal infection of toenails and ingrown toenails and viral infection (warts) or even damaged nails that they developed from getting a pedicure or a manicure at a traditional nail salon.

One patient in particular stands out.  She was a young woman who got a pedicure in a reputable local salon, and shortly there after came to my office with a fungal nail infection. 

We decided to aggressively treat her with oral medication to prevent further damage to her nail. Unfortunately, she could not tolerate the medicine and it had to be discontinued.   Diseased nails are sensitive, weak, and easily tear.  And she, being an active girl, tore her nail.  This required me to perform a nail avulsion (removal).  You can only imagine how painful it is when an infected nail tears.

I am happy to say, we were finally able to find a treatment which worked.  The entire experience was painful, traumatic, time consuming and costly for this young woman.  Once the fungus was gone, I continued to monitor her, and for awhile, I clipped her nails.  At her visits, she would always say “why don’t you offer medical pedicures and manicures in your office” Well, this stirred around in my head for a few years, and I finally did it.

This service was initially offered only to our own patients. As the demand and request grew, we opened our door to the community.
So, if you like to treat yourself or a loved one to any of our services, please contact us for an appointment.

Dr. Pardis A. Kelly