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Fillers for the Feet

"Pain free walking without surgery"

"One of the Best Kept Celebrity Secrets"

If you have ever wondered how some celebrities in Hollywood are able to wear and perform in their stilettos? Fillers for the Feet is the reason.

Which of These Problems Do You Want to Beat?

When the  pain, pressure, burning, calluses, corns and soreness in your feet have been caused by the loss of natural padding on the bottom of your feet, then you are a candidate for Fillers for the Feet. 

If it is difficult for you to wear regular shoes and walk because of the bony protrusion on your feet then this new medical procedure will treat your foot pain.

The Fat Padding Breaks Down

Unfortunately as we age, the fat padding in our feet breaks down.  This condition is especially true for women over forty. Fillers for the Feet is ideal for painful corns, callous, bony protrusion across the ball of the foot or heel pain.  It replaces the needed cushion that has been lost or broken down with time.

Fillers for the Feet is also ideal for professional women who do not want to give up wearing high heel shoes. It can provide much needed padding across the ball of the foot, protecting the soft tissues such as nerves, ligaments and tendons as well as buffering the bones and joints from unwanted stress.

Sculptra and Juve`derm

In Fillers for the Feet, we use dermal fillers such as Sculptra and Juve`derm which act as a replacement for the fat that has been lost. These FDA approved pharmaceutical products are compatible with the human body, non immunogenic (does not cause allergic reactions) and is biodegradable.

This treatment can be used instead of surgical procedures such as hammertoe surgery or for heel spur.

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Fillers for the Feet keeps clients well heeled

Suzanne Levine, Special to The Chronicle
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